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About Me

My name is Varian Shelton a.k.a. Chief X. We are “Proud” to kick off this new sports apparel business called “Proud Bandwagoner”. I was inspired to start this business because of Coach Prime (Deion Sanders Sr.), becoming the new coach of the Colorado Buffaloes and the hype surrounding this football team because of the new head coach hire. Growing up i was a huge fan of Prime Time Deion Sanders. I’m also a Southern California native, out of Los Angeles and was never a fan of the Colorado Buffalos. I became a new fan as soon as Coach Prime became the coach, bringing with him excitement and reviving the football program, coupled with massive media and “new fan” attention. I
became what you call a BANDWANGONER.. and a PROUD BANDWAGONER.

Bandwagoner definition is:
  • Someone who supports or participates in something only because it is popular or successful.
  • Used in reference to an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing support.
  • a person who takes part in or becomes enthusiastic about something only when it is popular or fashionable.

This was the motivation for this new sports apparel business called: “Proud Bandwagoner”

In the near future other sports teams, rather professional or college sports will be added into the fold of our new business journey. WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT